• Step 2 - Save & Improve

    Our cost-savings methodology finds you better coverage for lower premiums. We can make it happen in under two hours of your time.


    Identify opportunities to negotiate better rates and improve coverage. Save valuable staff time and know you’ve got the most cost effective program possible!

    Our Process

    We've worked hard to streamline our process so that we can keep your time commitment to a minimum, while delivering the best-possible result.

    • Exploration - Solution expert answers your questions and reviews your current premium. We can make a substantial difference 98% of the time. You review our simple agreement and decide if you wish to engage our services.
    • Data Collection - We gain access to all your existing insurance policies and other data electronically. Usually, there will be ten minutes of follow-up phone time or email communication to answer any questions the insurance carrier might have.
    • Marketing - We review your policy, and then work with our benchmarking team and network of insurance providers to obtain quotes from all markets, including your existing agent. We negotiate on your behalf to get the most coverage benefits for the smallest premium cost.  
    • Results - In a 30-minute meeting, we present  our results and celebrate your savings. We discuss strategy for selecting the best quote or use that quote as leverage for your existing carrier. We finalize he transaction, and you take advantage of new savings. 
    Your total time commitment is less than 2 hours. Much of the work can be delegated to your administrative staff. Of course, we're happy to spend as much time with you as you would like to make sure you fully understand your policy, our approach and your options. A quality agent that truly works for you, should be happy to have us help them obtain the best pricing and coverage for you.

    How it Works

    The fact is, the insurance sales network is stacked against you as the buyer.

  • Four Secrets the Insurance Industry Doesn't Want You to Know:


    Your agent represents the insurance carrier.

    Agent and agency split a commission between 5-30% every year for the life of your policy. That means your premium payment directly correlates to how much money your agent and carrier makes. The agent is paid by, and represents, the insurance seller — not you as the insurance buyer and business owner.


    It is nearly impossible to get the lowest coverage price with one agent.

    Some agents are direct writers. In other words, they write insurance for only one carrier. Independent agents write for multiple carriers, but they must meet minimum business thresholds that force them to choose from a handful of carriers. No single agent can quote your insurance across all carriers. Rather, it takes nine agency relationships to access all carrier markets. But, without carrier competition, business owners will never gain access to the lowest price without the right strategic approach. That’s where we come in.



    Everything is negotiable, and you don't have to switch agents.

    Between two to four weeks before your current policy expires, every business owner receives a renewal quote. Like most business owners and CFOs, it’s natural to assume the price “is what it is,” and that negotiation isn’t an option. However, if you’re prepared with a competitive quote, business insurance carriers will often drop the premium to match it. Same agent, same agency, same coverage. Nothing changes except the cost you’re paying. But you don’t have to wait for a renewal to save. You can start saving right now.


    Insurance doesn't need to be time-consuming.

    You have a fiduciary responsibility to manage risk at the lowest premium. But what business owner has time to pursue nine agency relationships with multiple quotes from each? That’s where we come in. When you hire us to represent your interests, our industry experts will market your policy to all carriers, negotiate on your behalf and accept payment only if you save money — all while taking no more than two hours of your time. In a quick 15-minute introductory phone call or meeting, we can let you know where your premium sits relative to comparable organizations of your size and in your industry.

  • Can we let you in a little secret?

    Business insurance companies and agents aren’t sharing the best data or transparency when it comes to your plan’s cost and benefits. The more your insurance premiums cost, the more money everyone earns, except you. As your strategic partner and business advocate, we simply will not stand for it.

    Let Us Help You Save​


    We know how the insurance game is played and we’re in the business of leveling the playing field by negotiating on your behalf. Our average savings per business is 35%, and we’ve even saved clients as much as 74% on insurance costs.


    Our No Risk Approach


    • We can bring our expertise to you at a very low cost. We make it a win/win. Our fee is 50% of the saved amount for only two years. There are never any upfront fees.
    • Our service is easy to use and most importantly it works. We encourage your feedback and comments and look forward to helping you reduce your insurance premiums.
    • Doesn't it make sense to work with a firm whose interests are completely aligned with yours? We only make a profit when we can substantially cut your costs.


    Highlights & Case Studies

    Industry Sample Results

    NonProfit Case Study - Reduced Overall Insurance Costs by $444,751

    Manufacturer Case Study - Reduced Overall Insurance Costs by 18.8%

    School Case Study - Reduced Overall Insurance Costs by 28.3%

    Hotel Management - Adjustments to Workers' Compensation Can Protect Cash Flow

    Time Commitment for Projects