• Step 3 - Smart Solutions

    Uncommon solutions to help lower insurance costs and manage risk.

    1. Insurance Management & Supplier Risk - Reduce Exposure to Global Business Risk & Liability
    2. Economic Recovery Plan - Employee Emergency Fund w/ ZERO Cost to Employer/Employees
    3. Neuro P3 Planning - Improve Employee Productivity, Health & Safety by 10-30%
    4. Shock & Arc Flash Risk Assessment - Prevent Injuries, Save Lives and Prevent Damage to Equipment.

    Insurance Management & Supplier Risk

    Verify the A.M. Best® ratings of insurance carriers, insurance limits, insurance policies and additional insured language against your company's business criteria.


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    Economic Recovery Plan

    Employee Emergency Fund w/ ZERO Cost to Employer/Employees

    Statistically validated wellness program that improves the health of employees.


    Employer Benefits:

    • $500 average payroll savings, per participating employee per year.
    • Immediate financial impact to your bottom line with NO INVESTMENT.
    • Reduce claims costs by an average of $1,400 over a three-year period.

    Employee Benefits:

    • Opportunity to increase retirement savings, average tax savings of $1,800 per year to fund the IUL policy, with no reduction in take-home pay.
    • Robust Personal Health Dashboard for employee and their family.
    • Mayo Clinic wellness programs with 24/7 Telehealth, doctors, nurses and health counselors, co-pay free.

    Attentive's SIMERP wellness model is based on existing IRS regulations and requirements. Available to companies of all sizes.


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    Neuro P3 Planning

    Improve Employee Productivity, Health & Safety by 10-30%

    Our customized "Peak Performance Plan" can provide:
    • Healthier and safer workplaces
    • More alert and productive employees
    • Improved information processing speeds
    • Less physical and mental fatigue
    • Happier employees, teams and better processes 
    • Increased revenues with significant reoccurring savings potential

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    Shock & Arc Flash Risk Assessment

    NFPA 70E - National Consensus Standard

    Learn the correct ways to prevent injuries, save lives and prevent damage to your facility and equipment.

    • Determines trip time for each protective device based on arcing fault current

    • Calculates incident energy at working distances

    • Calculates Arc Flash Boundary

    • Determines required PPE

    • Used to generate warning labels

    Compliance with 70E will assure compliance with some OSHA electrical regulations.


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